This Pawn Star has a wooden landline worth more than an iPhone

id=“article-body“ class=“row“ section=“article-body“> Rick Harrison talks about high-tech gadgets from the past.

331557/<strong>4959<\/strong> > 11254593 ssg red“ style=“max-width:420px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;“>John Kim/CNET I’m at the world-famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas surrounded by displays of guns, decorative knives, Hollywood memorabilia and  <a href=카지노사이트 the most rings I’ve ever seen in one place. The framed Nirvana In Utero album and its $859 price tag catch my eye, but not my wallet. I’ve come to meet Rick Harrison from the popular TV show Pawn Stars. He’s going to show me some high-end technology that dates back to the 1890s.

Pawn Stars premiered on the History Channel in 2009 and is now shown across 150 countries in 38 languages. Its formula is straightforward. A customer wants to sell a rare object. The Pawn Stars determine whether it’s worth anything and then negotiate with the customer to get the best deal.

What makes the formula work so well is the Harrison family, aka the Pawn Stars. Rick Harrison, his son Corey Harrison and Corey’s friend Austin „Chumlee“ Russell are the main cast. Perhaps the most beloved of the Pawn Stars was Rick’s late father, Richard Harrison, nicknamed The Old Man.

The close-knit family is argumentative, funny and 카지노사이트추천 renowned for getting the best deal they can on any item that crosses their glass counters. Pawn Stars is Antiques Roadshow for the everyman. 

„One of the reasons people like my television show: You learn history from your uncle, 카지노사이트총판 not a professor,“ Harrison tells me.

I had the good fortune of interviewing Harrison twice over two days in early January. The first time was at his shop (you can watch video of that chat above). The second was a segment during CNET’s live show at CES you can view below.

We talked about topics ranging from wooden phones and Darwin to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and what makes an item collectible. Harrison just opened a second Las Vegas location of his shop in the Venetian Hotel and Resort. He’ll also be part of the inaugural HistoryCon hosted by the History Channel this spring. Think Comic-Con for history nerds.

One of the reasons I visited Harrison was to figure out what makes something valuable.

„Here’s sort of a rule of thumb on what will be collectible,“ he says. „What was really cool for a guy when he was 16, 18 years old, when he’s 50 years old, has money and wants to relive his youth, that’s when that stuff goes crazy in price.“ 

That would explain the unopened copy of Super Mario Kart for the SNES with a $1,950 price tag on it. Here’s a lightly edited transcript of our conversation.

Let’s look at some of the old tech you have that’s actually worth money.

Harrison [pointing to a small printing press]: This was high-tech when it came out. This was like the first home personal printer. It’s a consumer product from the 1890s, and you could make business cards like postcards, things like that. You’re talking cast iron here. And to get cast-iron precision parts wasn’t technically feasible until the 1890s when more technology was coming out on casting temperatures, 카지노사이트가입 casting materials, everything else like that.

This small cast-iron printing press is basically the original home printer.

John Kim/CNET Nowadays, people look at stuff like, „This is so high-tech.“ But remember, in the 1890s they were still sitting around like, „The amazing time we live in! This technology is absolutely amazing.“ The same thing was said in the 1930s and 1950s. In the 1970s, when you can actually get a Pong system at your house, I mean, like, „Whoa!“ Every year, every generation, every decade, we think we’re living in the most technologically advanced time. And we kind of were. Stuff like this was a big deal back then.

This old slide projector used a lightbulb and glass slides to project images onto a wall.

John Kim/CNET This is a 1920s slide projector. It used glass slides, but it was high-tech for the time. It took an electric lightbulb, had great optics. It seemed like every 10 years all through the 20th century they got better and better with lenses and stuff like that.

The telephone, right here [points to a wooden telephone the size of a shoebox] — this was really cool because it was a compact model. You didn’t have to have a giant thing on the wall.

This is like their version of a smartphone.

This was high-tech when it came out. The high-tech stuff that’s at CES will probably be really cool collectibles 50 years from now because it’ll be old-school tech.

This wooden wall phone was considered compact in its day.

John Kim/CNET What role do technology and gadgets play in your life outside of Pawn Stars?

I live off the grid half the year. I power three houses, a machine shop, a well and all these other things off the grid. I have some weird technology that I have to constantly deal with like regulating permanent magnet alternators and windmills. I actually had to build diode banks and deal with buck-boost transformers and all this other crazy stuff. I mean, once you’re talking three houses and everything is spread out … that means a lot of weird old-school tech and new tech.

A big part of your show is your master negotiation style. Could you give us any tips on how to negotiate?

Be willing to walk away. Because if you’re not willing to walk away, you’re just going to pay what the other person tells you to. I get asked all the time, „What’s that one thing you didn’t buy that you wish had?“ And I say, „None of them.“ Deal’s not right, the deal’s not right. Walk away. The best advice I can give anybody.

Coronavirus stimulus check: How to be smart about using your $1,200

id=“article-body“ class=“row“ section=“article-body“> $1,200 can go a long way when it needs to.

Patrick Holland/CNET For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. US President Donald Trump signed an unprecedented $2.2 trillion relief bill on March 27 that takes aim at the financial impact of the coronavirus. It includes a $1,200 stimulus check for most adults and $500 per dependent child. Individuals with an adjusted gross income of less than $75,000 or married couples with less than $150,000 will receive the full amount, while those earning more will see a reduced check based on their income. The IRS says it’ll use taxpayers‘ 2019 tax returns, or 2018 returns, depending on which ones have been filed, to determine the amount. 

The Treasury Department told CBS News on April 3 that the date for disbursement for 50 million to 70 million Americans is April 15. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said during a press briefing Monday that 80 million checks will be sent electronically. The funds will be sent via direct deposit using the banking information from a filer’s latest tax return. On April 11, some Twitter users posted pictures of stimulus payments in their bank accounts. 

Thought the #Stimuluscheck was fake nope

— reem (fly guy) (@evolutionofmike) April 11, 2020 Those who receive Social Security, disability, survivor or Railroad Retirement benefits will receive the money automatically. 

The web portal for non-filers on the IRS website launched on April 11. According to the page, US citizens and resident aliens are eligible for the stimulus funds if they: 

Have a valid Social Security number,

Couldn’t be claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer and

Had adjusted gross income under certain limits.

Read more: Find out if you’re eligible to receive a coronavirus stimulus check

On April 15, the „Get My Payment“ tool launched on the IRS website. Individuals can input their details to check the status of their payment or find out if the agency needs direct deposit details. Those who don’t have access to a bank account can use payment platforms such as PayPal and Square’s Cash app that are providing routing and account numbers to send the money into the users‘ accounts. 

For many, such as the millions who filed for unemployment benefits since mid-March, this money will offer needed support during the pandemic. For others, the funds will be more supplemental, at least for now. 

If you’re in the latter category, here are six ways to make the best use of your stimulus check. 

Now playing: Watch this: Coronavirus stimulus checks: Everything you need to know 2:06 1. Take care of your immediate needs

Above all else, trenttronik make sure your immediate needs are met. This includes food, monthly bills and rent or mortgage. But before you prioritize rent over, say, food, consider that many jurisdictions, utility companies and even banks are offering relief due to the outbreak. See which programs you can take advantage of, then allocate funds accordingly. 

2. Pay your taxes

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin announced on March 20 that the deadline for filing and paying income taxes has been pushed back to July 15. Those who haven’t filed — and will owe the government money — could use the stimulus check to cover the tax payment. If you haven’t already saved for federal and state income taxes and are facing financial hardship, consider giving the money right back to the government. 

Coronavirus updates

How to track your stimulus check today: What we know

What to do if you or someone you live with gets coronavirus

How to get the coronavirus tracking app from Apple, Google

News, advice and more about COVID-19

3. Reduce your debt

One way to secure your financial future is to reduce your debt. A significant payment made to pay down a credit card and loan will help reduce the amount of interest paid on an account carrying a balance. The less interest you have to pay, the more funds you’ll have available in the future. But before you do that, check with the debt holders, because some are offering relief, including deferred payments and waived interest. Just be sure to read the fine print, as some of the assistance offered could delay interest rather than forgive it. 

4. Start or add to an existing emergency fund 

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to have an emergency fund. As this outbreak shows, the world can change very quickly. The fund should be equal to the amount of money spent on expenses for three to six months. While the $1,200 likely won’t cover that entire amount, it can be used as a starting point. A simple savings account can be used to keep the money safe. 

5. Give to those in need

Those fortunate enough to find themselves not needing any of the $1,200 for themselves should consider giving it to people who do. There are many charities fighting the pandemic, such as food banks and hospitals. Another consideration is to help out friends and family members who’ve been hit hard by the pandemic. 

6. Open a long-term investment account for your children

Part of the stimulus package provides an additional $500 per child. If your family is already comfortable, there’s a way to make use of that money to help your kids‘ future. 

„Provided you don’t need this money, consider opening a 529 plan for your child,“ said certified financial planner Marguerita Cheng. „Your state may offer a tax benefit. This money can grow tax-free. If appropriate, you can even contribute modest amounts of, say, $50 to $100 regularly.“

To start a 529 plan, contact your bank or investment firm to see what they have available and what benefits will come your way if you open one up. 

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How to get a Free iPod

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There are many offers from which you can choose.Just sign up with your credit card or Paypal account.Some offers are free so if money is a problem, it would be better for your pocket to choose a free one.You have to have a credit card or paypal account to sign up, but they won’t charge your card until the 30-day trial is over, and you can cancel any time. Just don’t cancel immediately or the offer will be revoked.

Once you’ve completed this step, the next thing you need to do is get some people to sign up with your referral link and also complete an offer. This is important. At the time of writing this post, you have to have 7 „green“ referrals to get an iPod Nano 16GB. That means that you have to refer 7 people who each complete one offer.

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This system has worked for several years now and thousands of people have received free stuff, like iPods and iPhones from them. If this was a scam, they would’ve been out of business by now or they would end up in Jail anyway.

If you want proof, you can check out my website down in my signature of this article.

Again, all they want you to do is try out one of the products or services of their partners and refer some people to do the same! It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete an offer. That’s ALL you have to do to win an iPod Touch. Or 투데이서버 any product from their selection of gifts.

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The Best True Wireless Earbuds of 2020

id=“article-body“ class=“row“ section=“article-body“> In terms of numbers, Apple’s AirPods have dominated the market for true wireless earbuds for the past few years. But plenty of new models have come on the scene that deliver better sound and improved battery life and performance. And now there are many appealing totally wireless earbuds to choose from — with even more on the way.

We’ve got lists of the best-sounding true wireless earbuds and the best cheap true wireless earbuds. This list is, simply, the best true wireless earbuds. Remember that to get optimal performance, the best wireless earbuds tend to need to feel comfortable, with an ergonomic design, and fit right, with a tight seal. If you can’t get a snug fit with in-ear headphones, you’ll be sadly disappointed and think you got ripped off, which is why I suggest buying from a vendor with a decent return policy, such as Amazon. 

Read more: Best noise-canceling headphones of 2020

Best noise canceling

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sarah Tew/CNET Sony hasn’t been much of a player in the true wireless (AirPod-style) headphone arena, but its new WF-1000XM3 model may change that. While this pair of headphones isn’t cheap, as far as sound quality, they’re the best wireless earbuds in this price range, matching and perhaps even exceeding the quality and performance of pricier competitors from Sennheiser, Beats, Master & Dynamic and Bang & Olufsen. They also have a feature those wireless earbuds don’t have: active noise cancellation technology to reduce ambient noise.

The only drawback is the WF-1000XM3 earbuds aren’t rated as sweat-proof or waterproof headphones. That said, I’ve used them for light workouts with a bit of a sweat at the gym without a problem. They use Bluetooth 5.0 with support for AAC but not aptX.

Water-resistant: No (lacks IPX certification). Read our Sony WF-1000XM3 review.

$198 at Amazon $198 at Walmart $200 at Best Buy Now playing: Watch this: The best true wireless earbuds available now 10:03 Best wireless earbuds all-around

Apple AirPods Pro

Sarah Tew/CNET Even if they don’t sound as magical as you’d hope a $249 model would, the AirPods Pro still manage to be a great pair of truly wireless earphones. That’s largely due to their winning design and fit, improved bass performance, effective noise canceling and excellent call quality. Yeah, they’re expensive at $250, but the good news is you’ll use them so much you’ll probably wear the battery down — it does degrade over time and isn’t replaceable — and have to buy a new pair in 18 to 24 months if you don’t lose them first. 

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating — splash-proof). Read our Apple AirPods Pro review.

$249 at Apple $235 at Amazon $250 at Best Buy Best wireless earbuds sequel

Jabra Elite 75t

At first glance, the Elite 75t, which were originally supposed to cost $200 but now sell for $180 (£170 and AU$299), seem more like an evolutionary upgrade from the highly rated Elite 65t. But the updates turn out to be a little more substantial than I first thought. The Elite 75t’s smaller size (the buds and case are 20% smaller than the Elite 65t’s), their boosted battery life and USB-C charging are significant upgrades. And then there are the smaller changes, like the new charging case design with magnets inside that make it easier to open and close and to keep the buds inside. While the Elite 75t aren’t quite as comfortable to wear as the AirPods Pro and don’t have active noise canceling, they do sound better, with clearer overall sound and better bass definition, so long as you get a tight seal.

Water-resistant: Yes (IP55 rating — can withstand heavy sprays of water). Read our Jabra Elite 75t review.

$180 at Amazon $180 at Walmart $180 at Best Buy Best wireless earbuds for runners

Jaybird Vista

Sarah Tew/CNET Jaybird got off to a bumpy start in the world of true wireless — that’s „AirPod-style headphones“ — when it released its Jaybird Run workout headphones back in October 2017. Updated to the wireless in-ear Jaybird Run XT earlier this year, the Jaybird Run earbuds were well designed but had some small performance issues that held them back from being great. But their wireless successor model, the Jaybird Vista (cue the Windows Vista jokes), include design, battery life and performance improvements that make them the quality product I’d hoped the Jaybird Run would be — and simply the best wireless earbuds for runners.

At $180 (£160, AU$280), this pair of sweat-proof earbuds are a little more expensive than they should be, but they’re among the better true wireless earbuds to hit the market last year. They’ll appeal to those looking for a more discreet set of totally wireless sports earbuds that feature full waterproofing.

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX7 — fully waterproof and sweat-proof). Read the Jaybird Vista review.

$160 at Jaybird Best AirPods Pro alternative

Libratone Track Air Plus

Porsche The Libratone Track Air Plus has been out for several months in Europe, but only recently went on sale in the US (it lists for $200 but it’s currently selling on Amazon for $140 with a discount coupon for $10 off). It doesn’t sound quite as open to the ear as the AirPods Pro, but the audio is a bit clearer and they have well-defined bass (you can choose between neutral, bass boost and treble settings in the companion app). The noise-canceling is also decent — maybe not quite on par with the AirPods Pro, but close. I liked the fit of these — the in-earbud stayed in my ear well (I was able to run with them) and the case is only a little bigger than the AirPods Pro’s case.

The Track Air Plus works well as a headset for making calls, and a firmware upgrade did improve headset performance. That said, the noise reduction isn’t quite as good as that of the AirPods Pro. People said they could hear me clearly and loudly, but the earphones didn’t muffle background noise quite as well as the AirPods Pro. 

These use Bluetooth 5.0 and have support for AAC and aptX. 

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating — sweat-resistant and splashproof).

$140 at Amazon Souped-up Samsung buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Angela Lang/CNET Samsung’s Buds Plus look essentially the same as the original Galaxy Buds, but their battery life is rated at 11 hours for music playback (up from 6), and they pack dual drivers for better sound and an additional microphone in each bud to help with external noise reduction while making calls.

I was impressed with the sound. It’s detailed and smooth, with deep, well-defined bass. The sound is richer and more spacious than that of the original Galaxy Buds. Well-respected Austrian audio company AKG, which Samsung acquired when it bought Harman, is behind the audio. While the original Buds were also „tuned“ by AKG, these are a nice upgrade over the originals — and right there with what you get with the Jabra Elite 75t, if not even a touch better. They use Bluetooth 5.0 and support for AAC (there’s now an app for iOS users) and Samsung’s scalable codec, which is similar to aptX but is proprietary to Samsung Galaxy smartphones.  

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating — splash-proof). Read our Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review.

$149 at Amazon $149 at Walmart $150 at Best Buy Much cheaper AirPods Pro alternative

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Sarah Tew/CNET If you can’t afford the AirPods Pro, the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 are a good alternative and are a top model for making calls. Like the AirPods Pro, this pair of earbuds do a remarkably good job of muffling ambient noise (callers said they could hear me fine even with a lot of street noise around me). While they don’t have active noise canceling, they sound nearly as good, fit comfortably and their noise-isolating design passively seals out a lot of ambient noise. They cost only $100. 

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX5 rating — can withstand heavy sprays of water). Read full review.

$100 at Best Buy Best under $50

EarFun Free

Sarah Tew/CNET What’s most impressive about the EarFun Free is the features: Bluetooth 5.0, both USB-C and wireless charging and fully waterproof (IPX7), according to their specs. Do they sound fantastic? No, but these earphones sound pretty good. They don’t have the clarity of higher-end true wireless earbuds that cost $150 or more, but they do have plump bass and enough detail to avoid sounding dull. They’re also pretty solid for making calls. An excellent value for less than $50.

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX7 rating — fully waterproof). Read CNET first take.

$49 at Amazon AirPods on steroids

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Sarah Tew/CNET Yes, the Powerbeats Pro’s jumbo charging case with its built-in battery is a notable drawback. But incorporating all the features that make Apple’s AirPods great while delivering richer sound and better battery life in a design that won’t fall out of your ear is a winning proposition. Just make sure you buy these earphones somewhere that has a good return policy, in case you’re in the small minority who have ears that aren’t quite a match for them.

They use Bluetooth 5.0 with support for AAC but not aptX.

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating — splash-proof). Read our Beats Powerbeats Pro review.

$250 at Amazon $250 at Walmart $250 at Apple Value premium sound

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Sarah Tew/CNET Anker is better known for its value headphones, but it’s trying to step into more-premium territory with its Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds, which carry a list price of $150. From a design standpoint, they share some similarities with Sony’s WF-1000XM3, though this model doesn’t have active noise-cancellation. Anker says they have large 11mm drivers combined with Knowles Balanced Armature, with up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge (32 total hours of playtime with the case) and noise-cancellation microphones to help reduce ambient sound so callers can hear you better. They charge via USB-C and also support wireless charging.

I’m not sure they sound quite as good as the Sony WF-1000XM3, but they certainly sound like premium true wireless earphones, with rich sound that includes powerful bass performance and lots of detail. Some people may have some quibbles over the fit — I had to supply my own XL tips to get a tight seal and found the Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Air 2 a little more comfortable — but the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro are a good value. They also work very well for making calls (they do a good job reducing background sound).  

They use Bluetooth 5.0 with support for AAC and aptX.

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating — splash-proof).

$150 at Amazon Most compact — and top-notch for calls

Apple AirPods (2019)

Sarah Tew/CNET The second-generation AirPods add a couple of small but key improvements to the original, including always-on voice recognition and a wireless charging case option. They’re also a quality device for making calls, indoors and out. 

The base model remains at $159 (£159, AU$249) while the version with the wireless charging case lists for $199 (£199, AU$319). However, you can often find both models for slightly cheaper online.

Water-resistant: No (lacks IPX certification). Read our Apple AirPods 2019 review.

$139 at Amazon $159 at Apple $160 at Best Buy Impressive sound

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Sarah Tew/CNET At $300 (£279, AU$499), Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless are more expensive than Apple AirPods, Jabra’s Elite 65t true wireless earbuds and 투데이시즌2 the Elite Active 65t and Bose SoundSport Free wireless earbuds. But they sound superior to those models, with better bass and cleaner, more detailed audio. They also feature quality performance for making phone calls, with solid noise cancellation, and offer a generally comfortable fit, though they’re bigger than the Jabras and stick out of your ear a little more. Their only significant downside is that they gradually lose their charge in the charging case and can end up completely dead after four days or so if you don’t recharge the case.

I’ve used these wireless buds in the gym, but they don’t fit quite securely enough in my ear for running. Battery life is rated at 4 hours, and you get two extra battery charges from the charging carrying case. These use Bluetooth 5.0 with support for AAC and aptX, and a firmware update has improved their performance slightly.

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX4 rating — splash-proof). Read our Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless review.

$210 at Amazon $219 at Walmart $300 at Best Buy Best sound under $100

1More Stylish True Wireless

Sarah Tew/CNET I don’t really know how stylish the 1More Stylish True Wireless earbuds are (yes, that’s their name), 투데이서버시즌2 but they do sound good. With a list price of $100, they’re among the less expensive models on this list. 1More made a name for itself with its wired earbuds, the Triple Drivers, which sound great and were a good value when wired headphones were still a thing. The same clear, balanced sound is present in 1More’s first true wireless earbuds; they don’t sound as good as the Triple Drivers, 우아미서버 but they sound very good for true wireless.

These have more of an audiophile sound profile, with more „accurate“ sound, so bass lovers may be a little disappointed, but I liked them. Of course, it helped that I was able to get a tight seal with one of the included sets of ear tips. However, the stabilizer fin did nothing for me — I just jammed the tip into my ear to get a secure fit. 

Their battery life is rated at up to 6.5 hours (expect closer to 5 battery hours if you’re listening to music at higher volumes), with an extra 17 hours or so of battery life available from the charging case. These use Bluetooth 5.0 with support for AAC and aptX.

Water-resistant: No (lacks IPX certification). Read our 1More Stylish True Wireless review.

$100 at Walmart $100 at Amazon Audiophile sound

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

Sarah Tew/CNET The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus are the second generation of the company’s MW07. They feature greatly increased battery life (10 versus 3.5 hours), Bluetooth 5.0 and active noise-cancellation with two microphones on each bud. They may not fit everyone’s ear equally well, but they certainly have a distinct look, as well as very good sound and a great listening experience if you can get a tight seal. These in-ear headphones are known for more of an audiophile sound profile, with smooth, well-balanced sound and well-defined bass. 

Available in four color options, for $299, these wireless earbuds include a swanky chrome charging case that comes with a secondary pouch for safekeeping (yes, the case can get scratched up if you leave it in a bag). The case, with its built-in chargeable battery, gives you an additional three charges (it charges via USB-C). These have support for AAC and aptX and have an extended range of more than 20 meters, according to Master & Dynamic.

Water-resistant: Yes (IPX5 rating — withstands sustained spray).

$299 at Amazon More headphones

Best cheap true wireless earphones

Best headphones for running in 2020

Best over-ear headphones

Best AirPod Pro alternatives that cost less

Originally published last year. Updated as we review new products.

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Best live TV streaming services for cord-cutters in 2020

id=“article-body“ class=“row“ section=“article-body“> If you want to cut the cable TV cord but still want to keep live TV, the future is in streaming. Live TV streaming services like YouTube TV and Sling TV let you watch most, if not all of your favorite TV channels — from ABC to NBC to ESPN to CNN to Nickelodeon to Fox News — streamed live over the internet. And they probably cost far less than you’re paying the cable company for TV.

Prices start at $15 a month with no extra fees or contracts. In place of a cable box and the monthly fee to rent it, you’ll use an app on your smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or game console. And you can watch at home or on the go via a tablet, phone, 리니지프리서버홍보 other mobile device or even a web browser.

Now playing: Watch this: Live TV streaming services for cord cutters: How to choose… 2:44 These services have plenty of benefits — no more cable fees, no more contracts, yay! — but the savings can be outweighed by other downsides including internet fees, DVR restrictions, buffering and a lack of things to watch, including live sports. And just like cable TV, the cost of these services just keeps going up. AT&T raised the price of its AT&T TV Now service packages, Hulu with Live TV increased by $10 last December, while Sling raised its price by $5 across the board. The landscape is in constant flux, and this can also mean competition is squeezed out — PlayStation Vue was among our top picks for premium options, but Sony shuttered its streaming service in January.  

Read more: Best DVR for cord cutters who use an OTA antenna

Top live TV streaming services compared

YouTube TV Sling TV Hulu with Live TV AT&T TV Now

Base price $50/month for 70-plus channels $30/month for 30-plus channels $55/month for 60-plus channels $65/month for 45-plus channels

Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes

ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels Yes, in many markets Fox and NBC only in select cities Yes, in many markets Yes, in many markets

Simultaneous streams per account 3 1 or 3 2 ($15 option for unlimited) 2 ($5 option for 3)

Family member/user profiles Yes No Yes No

Cloud DVR Yes (keep for 9 months) Yes Yes Yes (50 hours, 200 hours for $10 a month)

Fast-forward through or skip commercials with cloud DVR Yes Yes Yes No (Yes with $15 option)

Read more: Best TV antennas for cord-cutters, starting at just $10

Meanwhile, plenty of heavy hitters have entered the on-demand fray recently, including Apple with Apple TV Plus and Disney with Disney Plus, both of which debuted in late 2019. In 2020 streamers will have even more choices including NBC/Comcast’s Peacock, AT&T’s HBO Max and mobile-only upstart Quibi. All of these services lack live TV — focusing instead on back catalogs and new originals — but they can still eat into your entertainment budget.

With all that in mind, here’s a guide to the brave new world of live TV streaming over the internet, as well as other cord-cutting options available today, starting with our favorite recommendations for the best TV streaming service.  

Best overall

YouTube TV

Sarah Tew/CNET YouTube TV has more top channels for the base price than any competitor, including all four local channels (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC; note that CBS is the parent company of CNET) in most areas of the country. It’s also the only service with local PBS channels. YouTube TV has the best cloud DVR of the bunch, including unlimited storage and a generous nine months to watch recordings (most are 30 days). The interface is no-nonsense, if a little drab, and yet it offers most of the features a cable service can give you. And unlike Sling and others, it’s dead simple: One package, one price, done.

With its best-in-class channel selection and cloud DVR, YouTube TV is our favorite option for cord-cutters who want the perks of cable without the hassle. Like all premium-priced ($50-ish) services, however, its relatively high monthly fee makes it more difficult to save money over a traditional cable subscription.

Top channels not available: A&E, Comedy Central, History, Lifetime, NFL Network, Nickelodeon. Read our YouTube TV review.

$50 at YouTube TV Read more: Best streaming device of 2020: Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, Chromecast and more

Best budget service

Sling TV

Sarah Tew/CNET Sling TV costs more than AT&T Watch TV ($15) and Philo ($20) but has better channels, more options and a better interface, so it’s worth the extra money in our opinion. And it’s still dirt-cheap compared to the other streaming services, let alone cable.

Sling is cheaper than premium services like YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV because it has very few local stations. Confusingly, it also has two $30-per-month channel packages, Sling Orange and Sling Blue. While some channels are available on both Sling Orange and Sling Blue, the two differ significantly with other channel offerings: Orange is basically the ESPN/Disney package, while Blue is the Fox/NBC package.

Sling’s interface isn’t much to look at, but it offers all of the options you need without cluttering the screen. The only real letdown, apart from the general lack of locals, is its arcane live pause. The service’s options are myriad, so check out Sling TV: Everything you need to know for all the details.

Top channels not available on Sling Blue: ABC, CBS, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, ESPN, Nickelodeon. Fox and NBC only available in select major cities.

Top channels not available on Sling Orange: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Animal Planet, Bravo, CNBC, Discovery Channel, Bravo, Fox News, Fox Sports 1, FX, MSNBC, USA Network. Read our Sling TV review.

$30 at Sling TV Read more: YouTube TV vs. Sling TV: Which live TV streaming service is best for you?

Best ultracheap alternative

AT&T Watch TV

Sarah Tew/CNET Why is Watch TV so cheap? It lacks locals, much like Sling TV, doesn’t have any dedicated sports channels and, with the exception of CNN, is missing news channels, too. And many of the shows on the channels it does have can be watched on-demand with a Hulu subscription for less. 

On the other hand, it’s solid for the price. Its lineup includes 30 channels, some of which — like AMC, HGTV, and BBC America — are no longer available on the more expensive AT&T TV Now. The interface is fun and easy to navigate. It’s available on most other major streaming platforms, except for Roku, and some AT&T wireless plan customers get it for free.

Top channels not available: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Bravo, CNBC, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News, Fox Sports 1, FX, MLB Network, MSNBC, NFL Network, Travel Channel, USA Network. Read our AT&T Watch TV review.

$15 at AT&T Best for Hulu subscribers

Hulu With Live TV

Sarah Tew/CNET With the least cable-like interface of its competitors, Hulu’s greatest asset is the integration of live TV with its significant catalog of on-demand content for one price. Unfortunately, the interface frustrations apparent with the standard service are amplified once you add live TV. Another issue is that you’ll have to pay another $10 a month to get the ability to skip commercials on Hulu’s cloud DVR (the base cloud DVR, which is included, doesn’t permit skipping ads). Its channel count is solid, however, and with Hulu’s catalog included (Handmaid’s Tale, anyone?) it’s a top competitor, but its higher price puts it out of the running for now.

Top channels not available: AMC, BBC America, Comedy Central, MLB Network, MTV, NBA TV, NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, Nickelodeon. Read our Hulu with Live TV review.

$55 at Hulu Read: 20 Google Chromecast tips and tricks

Best live TV plus HBO combo


Sarah Tew/CNET Formerly known as DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now has one major extra the other premium services lack: it has HBO included in the price. Whether or not you care about HBO (or Game of Thrones), it’s still not a good deal. It’s now the most expensive service, starting at a base of $65, and it’s missing more top channels than any competitor (although you can pay extra to get most of those channels if you want). Its DVR is also a step behind those of our top choices. The traditional-style interface is good, however, as it includes the flipper-friendly ability to swipe left and right to change channels.

Top channels not available in base package: A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, HGTV, History, Lifetime, MLB Network, NFL Network, Travel Channel. Read our AT&T TV Now review.

$65 at AT&T Best for soccer fans

FuboTV $55

Ty Pendlebury/CNET There’s much to like about FuboTV — it offers a wide selection of channels second only to YouTube TV — and its sports focus makes it especially attractive to soccer fans in particular. Yet, it’s not suited for watching on a TV as none of the platforms work as well as the mobile version, and the lack of ABC and ESPN is disappointing.

Top channels not available in base package: ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, ESPN, ESPN 2. Read our FuboTV review.

See at FuboTV How to shop for cord-cutting live TV services

Each of the services above offers a different mix of channels, so your first step should be choosing one that carries your „can’t miss“ cable channels and shows. And some of the most important channels are locals, namely ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. Not every service offers all of them in every area.

The services can be broken down into two main groups: Budget, with prices starting at $15 but without local channels. And premium, with prices from $50 and up and include locals and often other extras like a superior cloud DVR. Yes, most of the services (barring AT&T Watch TV) allow you to record and play back shows, just like a traditional cable or satellite DVR, but they often come with restrictions. 

Then there’s the multistream issue. If you want to watch more than one program at the same time — for example, on your living room TV and on a bedroom TV, or the main TV and a tablet or other devices — you’ll want to make sure the service you’re watching has enough simultaneous streams. Some of the least expensive services only allow one stream at a time, and if you try to watch a second, it’s blocked.

Keep in mind that, especially if you do have more than one person watching at once on supported devices, you need to make sure you have fast, reliable broadband internet. A 100Mbps download service will cost around $50 to $60 a month, and that’s where the savings of cutting cable can get swallowed up. 

Here’s a live TV streaming shopping list to consider: 

Does the service offer your „must-have“ channels? See CNET’s comparison of the top 100 channels here.

Does it offer local channels in your area? See CNET’s comparison of local channel access here (last updated August 2018).

How good is the cloud DVR?

Does the interface make it easy to browse for shows?

Are there enough simultaneous streams for you and your family?

Is your internet connection up to snuff? See CNET’s guide to improving streaming quality here.

Hulu with Live TV

Sarah Tew/CNET Read more

Which live TV service has the best channel lineup?

The cord-cutter’s guide to the best indoor antennas

Recap: Diary of a cable TV cord cutter

What streaming TV services won’t give you

Streaming TV services are great, but there are some things they can’t do compared to a traditional cable box. 

First, it’s worth looking at the channels that you can’t get with any of these services. A big one was PBS, as the broadcaster reportedly hadn’t acquired the streaming rights to all of the shows that it airs. However, YouTube TV was the first to include PBS last year.

Another biggie is sports. Sure, most services carry ESPN and local channels for NFL football, but if you follow a professional baseball or basketball team, chances are you’ll need their specific channel — called an RSN, or regional sports network — to watch regular season games. RSN coverage varies widely for each service.

And fans of live sports beware: Every live TV service’s video streaming is a few seconds to a minute or more behind the „live“ stream you’ll get from your local cable or satellite provider. That means you could get a preview of scores or big plays from Twitter, phone alerts or phone calls from friends slightly before you see the action on screen.

Read more: NFL streaming: Best ways to watch football live without cable

While AT&T TV Now offers HBO as part of its base subscription, most other services either sell it as an add-on or require you to sign up separately for HBO Now. In addition, NFL Red Zone and NHL Network are either not available or only as part of a package. 

If you’re used to 5.1-channel surround offered by cable or even OTA, then you’ll probably be disappointed that all of the services only include stereo sound on live broadcasts. AT&T TV Now does include 5.1 audio on some on-demand material, though.

(Note that CNET is owned by ViacomCBS, which is a compensated programming provider on all cable, satellite and online TV services that offer CBS channels, which include Showtime, Pop, CBS Sports and The CW, among others. CBS also owns and operates its own online service, CBS All Access, which is mentioned below.)

Other options


Price: Starts at $20 a month

Another cheap service with no sports or local channels, Philo offers bread-and-butter cable channels like AMC, Comedy Channel, Nickelodeon and 리니지프리서버 BBC America. Unlike Watch AT&T, it includes a cloud DVR, but it lacks a big-name 24-hour news channel like CNN. 

Read the Philo review

See it at PhiloCBS All Access

Price: Starts at $5.99 a month

CBS All Access stands out from all of the other services as it offers live (in some cities) and on-demand from just one channel. In addition to broadcast video-on-demand, it offers exclusive online content such as Star Trek: Discovery. The on-demand stuff has ads, but you can get an ad-free option for $10 a month.

See it at CBS Now playing: Watch this: How to cut the cord for $10: installing an indoor antenna 2:03 Don’t care about live TV? More cord-cutter staples

Netflix: One of the first streaming TV services and it’s so popular that it’s become a catch-all term in the same way as „Magic Marker“ or „Coke“ in the South. High-definition plans start at $13 a month, and the service covers thousands of TV shows and movies, including original content like Daredevil and Orange Is the New Black.

See it at NetflixAmazon Prime Video: The „other“ major streaming service, which is included as part of a $99 annual Prime Membership or $9 a month. The interface isn’t as user-friendly as Netflix, but the service also offers shows not on its rival, including original content like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Amazon Prime also has the ability to add premium channels (HBO and Showtime and more), making it a potential one-stop shop.

See it at AmazonNicknamed Baby Yoda — this might be the cutest Star Wars character from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. 

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET Disney Plus: One of the biggest streaming services to launch in some time, Disney has gathered a mix of movies, TV shows and exclusive content, including the Star Wars-universe-set Mandalorian, for $7 a month. Read our Disney Plus review here.

See it at DisneyVudu/Movies Anywhere: A digital library (or locker) that incorporates legacy UltraViolet content and streaming movies and TV that are only available for purchase, like new releases.

See it at VuduIt’s also worth investigating free, ad-supported services such as Roku Channel, IMDB Freedive, TuBi TV, Pluto and Sony Crackle, which offer a wealth of content.

Sarah Tew/CNET Is an indoor or outdoor antenna a viable option?

If you have a TV in your house — that is, a screen that incorporates a tuner — you’re part-way to cutting the cord already. An affordable indoor antenna hooked up to your set-top box will let you watch free TV over the air from any channel you receive in your local broadcast area. Antennas cost as little as $10. See our comparison of indoor antennas here.

You can also add a DVR such as the Amazon Fire TV Recast or TiVo Bolt OTA if you want. Then you can record those live TV antenna channels, play them back and skip commercials, just like on a standard cable TV DVR. Here’s CNET’s roundup of the best OTA DVRs for cord-cutters.

A solid, lower-cost alternative to live TV streaming services is the combination of an antenna for live local channels and an on-demand service such as Netflix or Hulu (which is now only $5.99 a month). That way you’ll still be able to watch live programming and also have a choice of on-demand content.   

Amazon’s Fire TV Recast DVR is a cord-cutting antenna user’s friend.

Sarah Tew/CNET Conclusion: Try it yourself

Streaming live TV services are still in flux. Since launch, every service has increased its prices by at least $5 a month, channel selections and cities with local channel access are changing all the time, and reports persist about some services losing money, or even closing in the case of PlayStation Vue. While streaming is undoubtedly the future, it will be some time before both prices and the services offered settle in.

That said, if you want a cable-like experience both at home and for on-the-go devices, without the dead weight that a cable subscription brings, then a streaming service is worth a look. There’s no contract to sign, and 리니지리마스터 if you don’t like the service you’re on, you can easily switch. So whether you’re looking for a basic package such as Sling TV or want to pay more for a deluxe experience from the likes of YouTube TV, there should be a streaming TV service to suit you.

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