JBL Free takes on the Apple AirPods

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See all prices $88 at Amazon $100 at Walmart JBL If you’re looking for an Apple AirPod ($175 at Walmart) alternative for your Android, here’s the JBL Free.

Like the AirPod, the Free does away with cables completely in favor of two tiny (and very easily lost) earbuds. They come with silicon sleeves to help them stay in place at the gym — because we all know that running around with totally cordless earbuds are a recipe for 리니지프리서버구축 disaster.

The Free features 4 hours of music playback. If you run out of juice, you can pop them into the Smart Charging Case — 15 minutes gets you one hour of playback, and the case has enough power for another 20 hours of use. You can also answer calls with one earbud while listening to music on the other. Although I’m not sure when you’d want to use that distracting-sounding feature.

JBL says the Free will include JBL’s Signature Sound feature and we’ll be sure to check it out soon. The Free won’t actually be that expensive, selling for 리니지프리서버홍보 £120 (around $155 or AU$195), 리니지리마스터 and will be available starting Oct. 2017.

Quick specs

JBL Signature Sound

Bluetooth connectivity

Secure Fit Silicone Sleeves

Smart Charging Case 

Besides the Free, JBL also announced a new range of kids‘ headphones. The JBL Junior 리니지프리서버 comes in both wired and wireless versions. They lock the volume to a maximum of 85db, so you won’t blast out your kids‘ growing ears.

The JBL E65BTNC isn’t the most impressive of names, but the £150 (around $195 or AU$245) headphone for the company’s E-series line now adds active noise-cancelling features to the mix. 

Other highlights of JBL’s announcements include the huge portable Boombox speaker, a pair of in-ear headphones-equipped heart rate tracker and 리니지프리서버구축 an an exercise-friendly on-ear headphone created with Under Armour.