Ben Cousins admits he wishes he preferred heroin to ice

Troubled ex-AFL superstar Ben Cousins has opened up about his battle for access to his children in a candid interview about his fall from grace. 

Heartwarming footage from the Channel 7 documentary shows Cousins‘ son Bobby, eight, laying on his bed watching his dad – a former legend in the sport – in his prime.

‚That’s Daddy,‘ the young boy says as he points at the athlete on the field.

In the rare interview, the Brownlow Medallist and West Coast Eagles premiership player, 41, spoke about the challenges he has faced since being booted from the game, including battling a drug addiction, stints behind bars and homelessness.

During the documentary Cousins says he wished he was addicted to heroin instead. 

‚I don’t like heroin, it’s not my go,‘ he told broadcaster Basil Zempilas.

‚I wish it was, I sort of think, I wish I could get on the heroin and just, f***ing, cruise through this next six months.

‚It would just, it would help. But it’s not, I don’t, it makes me feel a bit squirmish in the stomach.‘ 

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Troubled ex- AFL superstar Ben Cousins has opened up about his battle for access with his children in a candid documentary about his fall from grace

The once-celebrated sports star (pictured last year playing footy with his son Bobby) revealed he once offered underworld figure Mick Gatto his Brownlow Medal to mediate a custody discussion between Cousins and his former partner and mother of his children Maylea Tinecheff 

The once-celebrated sports star was sacked by the West Coast Eagles in 2007 after he was arrested for drug possession and refused to give a blood test.

His career ended in 2011 and plunged into a decade-long battle with addiction.

One of his biggest struggles during that time has been gaining access to his two children, Bobby, eight, and Angelique, six.

During the interview, Cousins revealed he once offered underworld figure Mick Gatto his Brownlow Medal to mediate a custody discussion between Cousins and his former partner and mother of his children Maylea Tinecheff. 





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Gatto, a key player in Melbourne’s gangland wars and former boxer, now works professionally as a mediator in the building sector. 

‚I’ve never met anyone as defiant. You know? Mick Gatto couldn’t tell her what to do,‘ Cousins said.

‚Mick … I’m just telling you – and I honestly was going to get him to come over, I was going to give him my Brownlow – to mediate.

‚That’s how big a thing it was, you know?‘

Cousins eyes light up when he speaks about his children. 

He described daughter Angelique as a daddy’s girl and spoke about his eight-year-old son Bobby’s love of football.

The doting dad (pictured with his son) was in good spirits, seeming cheerful as they happily played for more than half-an-hour under a cloudless sky in July lasts year

Cousins looked relaxed as he played he kicked a Richmond Tigers footy with his kids. It was one of two AFL clubs he played for during his illustrious career

Cousins (pictured) appeared fit and healthy, kicking the ball to Bobby and Angelique with the poise of his champion years

Heartwarming footage from the Channel 7 documentary shows Cousins‘ son Bobby, eight, laying on his bed watching his dad – a former legend in the sport – in his prime

‚I haven’t pushed him into it or whatever, but he’s got a bad case of it at the moment,‘ Cousins said.

‚When I got out (of jail) last time I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here was on, so my boy he just loves f***ing spiders and lizards and snakes and everything.

‚I said to him, “would you like dad to go on that?“ He goes, “I’d love you to go on that, dad“. But he said, “I think you have to do something professional first“.

‚F***ing not far from the truth.‘ 

Sporting long hair in a ponytail and a scruffy beard, Cousins admitted he’d ’stuffed things up royally‘ and that it was time to put things right.

‚I hope people can see I’m having a crack at turning it around,‘ he said. 

But Cousins gave an unconvincing answer when asked if he was still using drugs.

‚I’m just thinking how… I’m just not sure about how to answer that,‘ he said.

‚My issues have been more greater and 샌즈카지노주소 complex than my drug use.

‚In a perfect world, I would’ve have liked come out the other side a long time ago. That hasn’t been the case.‘

Cousins was tight-lipped when asked when was the last time he took drugs.

Ben Cousins (pictured with his former partner) opened up about his battle with drug addiction

Ben Cousins had two young children with his former partner Maylea Tinecheff (pictured)

‚It’s just one of those things, I’d rather not go there,‘ he said later in the program.

‚I don’t think it helps.‘

‚Last week, last month?,‘ Zempilas pressed.

Cousins replied: ‚Well… you know, not today is enough for me and it should be enough for other people.‘ 

He was grilled about his tumultuous relationship with the mother of his children and former partner, Maylea Tinecheff. 

In January 2018, Cousins was released from prison after serving 10 months of the one-year sentence for breaching a restraining order taken out by Ms Tinecheff.

He was back in jail months later following charges making threats and breaking a violence restraining order.

Cousins admitted some of his behaviour towards former partner Maylea Tinecheff (pictured together in happier times) which landed him in jail twice was inexcusable

Ben Cousins was seen giving the thumps up with West Coast Eagles player Nic Naitanui earlier this month

He spent eight months in jail until his release on bail last April. 

Two charges of stalking and threatening to harm Ms Tinecheff were later dropped.

Cousins later pleaded guilty to the remaining 12 offences of breaching a violence restraining order and was sentenced to eight months in prison, which he had already served.

‚As you know, I wasn’t convicted of some of those things‘, Cousins told Zempilas.

‚But I agree with you yeah, some of it is inexcusable.‘

When asked if he was embarrassed about where he ended up, Cousins replied: ‚I’m not proud.‘ 

He conceded he ‚almost had it all‘ during the prime of his career with the Eagles in the mid 2000s. 

‚I’ve probably at times pushed things … too far,‘ he admitted.

‚There’s been times where … I’ve been lucky to sort of, just scrape through.

‚I’m fortunate that I just, I don’t need to, to do that or take it, you know, that far anymore.

‚A lot of good things have happened to me up until this point in my life.

During the interview, Ben Cousins recalled the story behind this nude photo of him after a spray tan that went viral on social media. ‚I was trying to get a root,‘ Cousins said

‚It’s important for me to remember and remind myself of that because I am one of the lucky people.‘ 

‚I’m one of the luckiest people I know.‘   

In a rare light-hearted moment during the documentary, Cousins was reminded about a nude photo of him after a spray tan that surfaced on social media last year.

‚Mate, there’s a fantastic photo of Ben at a spray tan place,‘ a man can heard saying off-camera.

‚Oh please,‘ Cousins laughed.

‚You posted it,‘ Zempilas told him. 

Cousins replied: ‚I didn’t actually, that was the problem. I can’t believe it happened the way it did.

‚I wasn’t doing someone a favour. I was trying to get a root, that’s what I was trying to do basically. That wasn’t supposed to go anywhere.‘  

Ben Cousins and Chris Judd of the West Coast Eagles celebrate premiership success after the epic 2006 AFL grand final win against the Sydney Swans at the MCG

The pair laughed when Zempilas said it wasn’t the worst thing Cousins had ever done.

The infamous photo never got the desired result.

‚No ships, only hardships,‘ Cousins said. 

He also addressed the cocaine overdose death of his best mate Chris Mainwaring, whom he saw just hours before he died. 

Cousins had this message to today’s youth about taking drugs.

‚I would encourage them to think long and hard before they decide to go down that path,‘ Cousins said. 

‚Just be aware of the ramifications and take it seriously.‘

The program was Cousins‘ first television sit-down interview in ten years since his 2010 documentary ‚Such is Life‘, where he spoke extensively about his struggles with drug addiction during his career. 

The documentary remains one of the most watched documentaries in Australian TV history. 

Ben Cousins (pictured as a 21-year-old in 2000) had a stellar career with the West  Coast Eagles before he was sacked by the club  and banned by the AFL following the 2007 season

In January 2018, Cousins was released from prison.

He was offered a job working with his former club the West Coast Eagles in a ‚community and game development‘ role but left departed the role within months after reportedly failing to turn up for work on multiple occasions.

He was back in jail months later following charges of drug possession, making threats and breaking a violence restraining order.

He spent eight months in jail until his release on bail last April.

Cousins was in March fined $1,750 for possessing meth and hiding it up his anus. 

Cousins played 238 games and booted 205 goals for the West Coast Eagles, where he won a premiership with the club in 2006.

He was later sacked by the club and copped a one year ban from the AFL.

The Richmond Tigers gave Cousins a second chance in 2009, where he played 32 more games and 12 more goals before he retired in 2010.

‚I’ll always regret what I’ve put my family through. There’s a lot of shame and regret. People wonder why I haven’t broken down or shed a tear (in public). My tears are something that I hold close to me; they’re for me and my family,‘ Cousins said at his retirement announcement.